LJR Adventure Tours
The following items are not included as part of our tours:

  • We do NOT provide fuel of any type for your vehicle. Because we are traveling back roads it is important that we know prior to
    our departure the typical mileage and fuel tank capacity of each rider’s motorcycle.   

  • We do not maintain your vehicle. You should make all efforts to insure your vehicle is ready for a tour of the type you are
    planning on taking. Of course even when motorcycles are properly maintained and ready to tour, problems can still occur.  We
    will work with you in the event of a vehicle issue while on tour.

  • Your vehicle and you as the rider must have proper licenses and insurance.

  • Illegal items and/or behavior are not tolerated!  Weapons, illegal drugs, intoxication and activities that could lead to an un-safe
    situation are strictly un-accepted.

  • No road racing, stunts or dangerous riding is permitted.  There is plenty of fun riding on each tour that this type of behavior is
    just not justified.