LJR Adventure Tours
Typical Tour inclusions:

We make all arrangements for lodging, provide dinner and lunch locations. All tour locations, routes, maps, pre-determined itinerary
chase rider. Larger tours, or by request, will include a chase vehicle to carry luggage and riding gear.

The intent of all our tours is to provide a relaxed vacation environment to enjoy motorcycling with friends, colleagues, spouses or all of
the above without the concern of where or how to get it done.

Don’t be fooled. Touring on the back roads of America is definitely an adventure! Each day is approximately 250 miles long with rest
breaks taken minimally on the hour along with our tour stops. The weather can not be guaranteed an should be anticipated for as we
only stop for inclement weather that make the continuation of the journey unsafe.

Tour groups are kept to a minimum size 6-8 as an average but we can accommodate up to ten in a party before we feel it becomes
As each tour is somewhat specialized for our clients, the
rate for each tour is adjusted to meet client requests.

Typically a two week tour of the standard inclusions costs
about  $2500. A two to four day weekend run is in the
$800-$1000 range.

To solidify you individual cost just send us an e-mail with
your desires and we will pencil out a trip plan. If it meets
with your approval we can take the next step.

By sending us a deposit for the trip, not only will book your
trip but a detailed and personalized Itinerary will be
processed and sent to you to plan your adventure with.