LJR Adventure Tours
LJR has been traveling the Western United States for many years starting back in
the 80’s with off-road adventure tours.  In recent years we have expanded our
small business into a variety of  road tours. We still provide one and two day dual
sport rides for those adventurers who like to venture off the paved roads.
Our on-road tours focus on discovering the back roads of America. In doing so our
days in the saddle are filled with exploring local sites, eateries and shops, visiting
remote destinations and seeing the side of life that our modern day hectic
schedules doesn’t often allow.
We tailor each tour to the individual requests of our clients.  Typically we
opt for lodging at local motels, bed and breakfasts and cabin resorts.
Great service with a local flavor is always our goal when selecting
places to eat and stay while on tour.