LJR Adventure Tours
Jack Jensen is the “Lazy J” and has been riding the Western states since 1968. His relaxed style and compassion for the journey
provide his clients with the ultimate adventure.  
Carla Jensen is Jack’s spouse of 32 years and has been riding by his side for most of that time including Off-road and Dual sport
adventures. She recently spoiled herself with a new BMW F800 that is her standard mount as “Chase Rider” for the Tours.
AJ and Keith are my brothers who occasionally ride chase or drive the Chase Truck when their services are available. AJ is an
incredibly gifted and safety conscious rider who commutes in the death defying Bay Area traffic daily on his less than stock ZX-14.
Keith has been riding chase for Jack longer than Carla with a history in Off-Road Racing and touring. He rides a unique BMW hot rod
built by San Jose BMW Racing.
Team Members